How to get high on nutmeg

Nutmeg Myristica fragrans takes a while to take effect, up to 5 hours, which can occur up to indigestion and intoxication among individuals who are trying to force a psychoactive state. After the trip usually falls into a deep sleep for over 10 hours.

nutmeg anatomy

Nutmeg has traditional use in the kitchen and in Western magic, after being brought to Europe in the Middle Ages of arabia, it is known to stimulate the brain. Malcolm X relates that when he was in jail nutmeg diluted in water was used as psychoactive, which was then interrupted by the guards. The same William Burroughs compares the effect of nutmeg with marijuana, only preferring the latter because nutmeg produces nausea. This tells us that probably the best way to take Nutmeg is in lower doses to five grams, only as a slightly stimulating food. Nutmeg is also part of the formula for Coca-Cola.